Training a Sprint

Hello all.

As the title implies…I’m looking to train for sprinting. I know the basics of how to do that…but could use a bit of advice on how to incorporate it into my existing training plan. I just finished up TB 1,2, and 3, and am in SSB1 mid volume.

My understanding is training up a sprint can be done fairly quickly. I’d like to do what I can over the next month or two to prepare for a handful of crits, while still going through the base build specialty progression to beget ready for cross season in the fall.

I suppose to sum up my question…is sprinting compatible with base training?

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

Short answer: anything is compatible with anything

Longer answer: Going from TB1, 2, 3 and now doing SB1…that’s a LOT of base with almost zero short power work. You might want to utilize plan builder and actually plot out your season so that you are making the most out of the time you have available.

Plan structure aside, you can train your sprint on one day a week, really depends if you are targetting outright Pmax (30s or shorter) or VO2 efforts (30s-3min). Structure is generally the same for the workout, with general principles being the shorter the effort the more you can do but the harder you need to go. Max means MAX. and make sure you have adequete recovery between efforts, at least 1:2 work:rest ratio.
Pmax workout for me is 30min z2 warmup, followed by 10 ALL OUT 15-20s sprints (distance varient and approach speed varies to simulate crit finish), with 3min rest at least between efforts. 15min z2 cool down.

Thanks for the tips.

Regarding the too much base commment…this is actually intentional. I’m trying to address a weakness from last year. I had difficulty both with long efforts (long slog cross race in sticky mud, or hard group rides), and recovering after multiple hard efforts. I’d just be wrecked. I think all of this base training has helped. I felt really, really strong after a 4 hr group ride Sunday after a couple of extended, hard pulls, and a couple sprints. Last year my top end speed and sprint probably would have been marginally better…but I would have been crushed after 1 hard 5-10 minute pull on the front. I bounced back very quickly this go around and was ready again after a few minutes.

So…whatever I’m doing, I feel like I’m in a better spot than last year.