Recommendations for cycling Physio in UK

I’m still struggling on from lower back pain (Lower Crossed Syndrome - Recovery Time), I’m seeing a physio local to me and whilst the pain have got alot better from the Chiropractor I originally saw, I am still struggling and its now at the point my cycling subs are up and im cancelling them as I wont be continuing until its fully resolved.

I’m booked through private healthcare for another 6 appointments with my current physio, but I was hoping to get a recommendation for a cycling based physio in the UK that I could contact and perhaps look to do a remote session with to run over for a second opinion. Any recommendations would be helpful.

I’m probably 6 or 7 months down the line of this and I’m not sure I feel a end date is even remotely close to being insight.

Nichola (the founder) is excellent and it looks like they offer remote sessions.

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Can’t comment on people local to you as i am in the US. But, I’ve been dealing with pelvic torsion (twisted pelvis) for around 25 years and have been in and out of various local physios with mixed success.

I’ve started working with Brad Beer via telehealth out of Gold Coast and thus far it has been superior to my prior experiences with local physios. You can check him out at the link below. He also has an absolutely awesome podcast called The Physical Performance Show for anyone interested in guests ranging from Olympic Gold medalists, to nutritionists, to coaches and various practitioners.

Can’t recommend him enough.