Lower Back Pain and Pins and Needles in Right Leg

Hey All,

Been training with SSB P1 & P2. Over the last few months I’ve been experience lower right back pain and had been managing it with stretching. Recently over the last few days I’ve noticed perceived weakness in the right leg, tingling in my leg and pins and needles in the bottom of my foot. Does anyone have any experience with this? Went to my doctor and they want me to take Prednisone, also got a referral to a sports medicine doctor.



I would say your on the right track to go to a doctor. These issues you cant really self diagnose.

Question is of course are have you had a bike fit to ensure your set up is correct? Otherwise doctor or physio should be able to assess your problem.

I tend to see a physiotherapist on and off to deal with various issues and for guidance on what to do to prevent problems. Too often I get too tight/imbalanced from cycling. Some cases it is just muscle release and stretching. Sometimes you need to strengthen other muscles. Physio’s advice for me has helped greatly. The end result for me is I tend to have a routine of yoga exercises that I do regularly to stay balanced and without aggravating injuries.

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I had sciatica with similar symptoms. I fixed it with general conditioning and the right stretching. Personally, I’d go straight to the sports medicine doctor and probably not take the Prednisone.

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