Lower Crossed Syndrome - Recovery Time

Been struggling with back and hip pain since the start of the year, finally went to see a Chiropractor who quickly diagnosed it as Lower Crossed Syndrome, Anterior pelvic tilt and also iliopsoas tendinopathy. These could be all the same thing but each was explained and it all made sense. This doesn’t surprise me in the slightest as my job has always been desk bound and other life factors.

Since seeing the Chiropractor I have been doing around 40%/50% of what I would typically do in a week (their advice). No intense stuff. The initial hip flexor deactivations really helped the pain that was a constant issue and within 4 days it was more of a dull ache that felt like a blessing.

However, that was 4 weeks ago, I have a session each week, I reported on week 2 andt hat dull ache still isn’t going or end of week 4 now its not much better. The sessions generally include some dry needling and massage gun. in between, I am using a lacrosse ball, massage gun, the hip deactivations. I spoke with them yesterday as they wanted to move to bi weekly sessions as per the agreed in the initial treatment plan, and they said they wouldn’t expect it to be better by now.

Just curious how long it took for this to heal for others? I know everyone is different, but I would of expected 4 weeks of treatment to have me feeling better progressively through the weeks.

Go see someone who’ll give you active exercises to work on the problem, not just passive relaxation. While the massages etc might feel nice and take the pain away for the moment, they won’t make the problem go away. Typically you’ll have to work on glute strength and hip flexor mobility, but it could be other things too.


splash is wise. I spent a couple years with a chiropractor, dealing with pelvic tilt, hip flexor and psoas issues (though he never used the words psoas or hip flexor), from sitting all day with poor posture and exacerbated by riding my bike. He of course was intent on adjusting my spine, and working some muscle spasms. I was carrying crutches on bad days, just so I could pull myself up from a chair because my legs/back weren’t going to do it.

Finally one day he suggested maybe I should see a masseuse. She started talking to me about my psoas and hip flexors, so I went in search of info on the internet and found stretches for the front side chain and exercises for rear chain and core. Haven’t had any issues in 10 years. Strengthen the hamstrings and glutes.

Edit to answer the question…it takes a while to correct these issues. There are stretches you can likely do to get immediate relief, though. I always got relief at the chiropractor’s office. But it was gone by the time I got home from the appt.

another edit: the best stretch when spasms would hit my lower back (or just tightness the morning after a bike ride) is to kneel like you’re doing a lunge, keeping your knee mostly over your ankle, and rotate your pelvis forward and up (like you’re trying to pee higher) while squeezing/tensing your gluteus muscles You should feel a stretch on the front of your leg from you knee to your hip.


Go see a physiatrist ( physical medicine and rehab) doc specializing in athletes or a physical therapist who does the same. While a chiropractor may give you good advice, often it’s a load of garbage.

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