Recommendations - best vest for 38-55 degree weather?

What do you think? I live in Indiana - ride outside in conditions when it’s near 40 and above. What’s the best vest?

in 40-55 weather up top I wear a summer weight jersey, arm warmers, and a vest. The vest is from Voler custom kits - - nothing special its just a vest. Our club switched to Pactimo and I have a wind stopper jersey (its fine) that matches and if its 30-40F then I’ll wear that and the vest (or layer up around the summer jersey). Also have a nice Assos long sleeve jersey that is really nice for 30-50F and I wear that with a long sleeve base layer if its colder, and by itself if the temps are mid to upper 40s to 60.

I’m not picky, I think a good vest or long sleeve jersey:

  • fits snugly
  • blocks the wind on front side
  • breathable on back side

Got this last year and it quickly became my go-to vest for all types of riding. I’ll use it with my road kit or with baggies on the MTB.

I’m a huge fan of the long back and the pockets are great. No trying to dig under the vest to get to jersey pockets.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve been using a Rapha vest. It is solid at the front and there is a bit of a mesh at the back.
It does a great job of keeping me warm in cool’ish days or on the descends.