Cycling vest recommendations

Thinking about buying a vest for the jersey pocket on cooler days.

Would usually get to a shop and try a few on but with lockdown in the uk that’s not really possible so will need to shop online.

Any recommendations?

I have one of these, and love it:

I’m about 6’2” and quite skinny, and the Small fits me perfectly - nice snug fit.

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I got one of these used it a few times and seems very good for the money and does the job

Przewalski Men’s Sleeveless Cycling Undershirt Quick Dry Bike Base

From amazon and other good retailers

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I have this one from LeCol:

Great slim fit and works well with jersey and arm warmers on cold/windy/showery days. However, be advised: It‘s rather warm and probably too bulky for your average jersey pocket.

On the other end of the spectrum I have one from Vermarc that‘s super thin and foldable, but it barely makes a difference for temperature.

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Thanks for the recommendation although I meant a gilet rather than a vest! :sunglasses:

I think I’m after something in between the two you mentioned - packable with some warmth if such a thing exists!

Rapha has some great options.

The Pro Team Lightweight gilet is perfect when you want a little more warmth or have some descending ahead of you. It very small and lightweight and the mesh back keeps you from overheating. I like it for those days that start out cool but gradually warm up. I’ll unzip as I go along or opt to take it right off and tuck into a pocket if needed.

If you are looking for something warmer, there are insulated options and rain vests available too.


I purchased the Castelli Squadra vest last fall and really quite enjoy it. It’s a more durable material than other vests I’ve seen so I don’t worry, as much, that it will get a snag and/or tear. I also like how it’s “collar/neck portion” is a bit taller than others. Moreover, this collar snugs up nicely to my neck to prevent wind from cruising down my chest when I’m actually riding. When I don’t want it I just pack it into a small/moldable little ball in my jersey pocket. Perfect for temps 45-60 (Fahrenheit). Keep in mind that Castelli (in my experience) does run small. I am 5’11" and 150 lbs (pretty lean) and I tried on a medium and a large. Medium is way too small for me (what I usually wear in EVERYTHING) so I purchased the large and have been happy since. It’s also fluorescent yellow so motorists have a better chance of seeing me. If you’re not in a rush to buy it does go on sale frequently. I acquired mine for ~$35.00 but I’ve seen it even cheaper than that.

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3 words.

Double frickin zip.

Being able to hit a climb, unzip from the bottom and then re-zip easily as you start descending, Not to mention jersey pocket access.

This is a must. My go-to are a Rapha Pro Team Lightweight gilet for normal days, and a La Passione insulated alpha gilet (this is new and very good so far) for cooler days.


I have these two…both great options. The SV Blitzfeder is super useful for warmer days that start off a bit cool.