Recommend me a cooling fan - Australia

Apologies in advance, but I couldn’t seem to find a fan recommended by you guys in the US that is available here. My training spot is outside in a carport (ie not a garage) which is open on the long side (and has a tin roof). Whilst I’m not in a super hot part of the country it was still touching 38 degrees here last week.

In the past I was using a tilt floor fan, which was OK but it died. Since then I have two small pedestal fans which is marginal at best. Soooo, do I pony up for a larger floor fan or something like this:

or this


You want a ‘blower’ style fan, like is used for drying paint or carpet.

I don’t know why it is $350 in kangaroo bucks, they run about $80 USD in the states.

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Because the formal calculation for an item in kangaroo bucks is as follows:

  • take the number of bald eagle bucks
  • quadruple it
  • add GST
  • add something else “just because”

And we don’t even need to fund a wall - we already have a massive moat!


I have one of the SunAir 30cm High Velocity Fan based on GP Lama’s recommendation, I really like them as they are not too noisy but move a lot of air. the fans you have linked to… may cool you down but you may go deaf in the process :stuck_out_tongue:

If its really hot you could run two of them with out too much noise


To get through a hot Brisbane afternoon, indoor session, I use one of these. Vornado fan

I don’t think you can get away completely from sweating but this makes your face feel less like a light bulb.


I’ve got something along these lines, although not that exact one. Not sure how it compares to those carpet blowers, but it can certainly shift some air. That might be what you had previously when you say a ‘tilt floor fan’?

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I have the Vornado 660 in Sydney (got it at the end of last summer on discount). It’s pretty good but when the air temperature is 25 degrees there isn’t much you can do. Without AC I’m going to mostly train outside till it cools down a bit.

Also it doesn’t have mechanical controls so you need to have it close enough to reach (or have someone else to turn it up) - you can’t use a wifi enabled socket.

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Yep, pretty much that exact one. Thanks for the tips, I might try a Vornado fan and grab another floor fan. I’m in Canberra, so hot but not too humid.

The Australia tax is high Erick!

Not many details but I reckon this is a smaller and cheaper version of the one you linked to?

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Looks like the right thing. Basically want big intake with small directed exhaust. Not in Australia so doing useful shopping for you is difficult.

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I use this 100cm fan I bought on eBay. It’s.loud as hell but helps keeping me cool in my garage in summer.

Bunnings sell Dynabreeze. They aren’t cheap but well worth it!

Can also vouch for the vornado. Work out in a hot apartment and have a portable air conditioner with a vornado to boost the fan and it works well.

I bought these, they work great.

Just bought the same fan at DJs on sale. Four days over 40 degrees cracked me.

what makes the blower style carpet dryers better from a standard floor fan. Will my watts go up :slight_smile:

The blower style generates a focused stream of air, which you can direct at your chest. The standard ‘prop in a cage’ style is good for generally mixing the air in the room but bad for putting air flow on a specific place.

You just end up with a much higher airflow over your body.


How did you go with transferring the Lasko to work in Australia?

That’s gold!!!

Also have a look at Koogans $119 for a Misting fan.

Not sure I would want a misting fan anywhere near my smart trainer!

I have a friend in Vic, he has a misting fan plus a full aircon unit in his garage. Hasn’t had an issue. 2 x Kickr running. Wouldn’t be any worse than your sweat :stuck_out_tongue: