Recommend a stem

Building an Allez Sprint and I have an Aerofly 2 bar and I’m looking for a a good stem for it. Any suggestions?

What characteristics make a stem “good” for you?

Stiff, light, aero! Any combination of the two would do.

  1. Kalloy Uno is well regarded as being incredibly good value for money and extremely light.

  2. 3t arx is another similar popular option and there’s plenty of second hand ones around. Good stiffness/weight ratio

  3. I have a Pro Vibe sprint carbon stem on my road bike. Looks good and is stiff but quite heavy.

  4. Zipp sprint stem is like the above but more expensive and a bit lighter.

  5. Ritchey C260 carbon is a real looker in my view and is one of the best on the market for stiffness/weight ratio. 260deg bar clamp wont work with some aero handlebars though so worth investigating before buying.


I’ve had the stock stem, Pro Vibe, and SL Sprint on my Allez and my favourite was the Pro Vibe. My stems were 100mm or 110mm and I’m not strong enough to really test out the stiffness. At this point it’s purely based on aesthetics and think that’s the case for most people with stems in that size.

I’m using the Pro Vibe stem with Pro Vibe Aero bars and have zero complaints. One main reason I chose the Pro Vibe is because you have the option to go 1 1/4” diameter which I needed. It definitely looks more aero than any other stem I have had but probably one of those very marginal gains.