Carbon handlebar

Anyone know any good aero carbon handlebar

Can you help us a bit more with what you are looking for? Plenty of “good” options out there…from Enve to FSA to brand-specific stuff from Specialized, Trek, etc.

Intended use, budget, etc. will all help.

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I have the Easton EC90 Aero Bar and I’ve loved it! Used to have an ENVE, but I like the shape of the EC90 better. Loved it so much I bought another one for my crit bike. Matched both with the EC90 Aero Stem as well. Stems are not offered anymore, but you can still get the bar. I don’t see Easton stuff too often so it’s been cool to be a little different as well. Good luck on your search!

This is not quite as bad but close to asking whether anyone knows a good saddle :wink:

Handlebar shape is deeply personal, and plenty of companies make good aero handlebars, 3T, ENVE, Easton, etc. etc. Which one fits your preferences, I don’t know.

Chinese faux-3t have been going strong for years now…

If you ever want to run clip on aero (TT) bars in the future, keep in mind that there are very few carbon road bars that will work with clip ons. Beside most of them explicitly saying it’s not supported, the round mounting section just isn’t wide enough to give room for clamping.

I’m about to pull the trigger on some new bars for my gravel bike (domane) so that I can run aero bars at events that allow them. Enve has a nice carbon aero bar that has the ability to add their proprietary aero bar system (cool, but pricey and no good way to adjust stack). I’m probably going with the trek XXX VR-CF Aero Handlebar. I already have some profile design aero bars (they are absolute pigs, but aero trumps weight all day). My domane is already a pig anyway, it’s almost as heavy as my full suspension XC mountain bike.

FSA has a similar system…worth checking out. I have the bars in my road bike now (but will be switching to ENVE when I get a chance) and I like them.

Thanks. I checked them out, but the only version I see that is compatible with clip on bars looks to be a pretty round profile. I prefer a flat bar top aero profile. Beyond the aero advantage (maybe), I just never never ride with my hands around the bar top and I like a flat surface to rest my palms or forearms on.

Crap…sorry, they are Vision bars, not FSA (I still don’t understand why they have two brands that directly overlap each other…so dumb).

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Dont mean to hijack

I recenlty purchased Aero bars for a new bike, when I sprint in the drops the bars are hitting into my forearms.

I am going to try clock the handlebars down so the drops are at a better angle for spriting.

Can anyone recommend a good drop aero bar that is good for sprints ?

Fitted the Sl-70s to my CAAD12 last year. Fantastic bars, I’m sure you will live them. I found the internal routing pretty simple to install too.

I second this recommendation.

Got myself these bars when I rebuilt my bike from bare frame in 2020.

Super comfortable for riding on the tops and very light. No issues whatsoever with tape wrapping / fitting and no problems to report over the last 2 years of riding.


I got me an EC70 a year ago, slightly heavier then the EC90 but also cheaper. I have no issues with arm interference.

The only thing to be aware of is that it is a bit narrow in the clamping area if you want to fit both a stem and a computer mount side by side. I had to mount the handlebar a few mm offset to get both in.

Thanks. Those look really nice. But over $1k for the base bar + extensions and then more if I need some spacers (likely to start at least). Definitely worth a look, but I think I’ll start with the trek bar and my existing aero bars and maybe look at this again later if I like the setup for racing.

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