Aero stem recommendations?

So I’ve finally come to accept that I need to get a shorter stem. I stuck with the original syncros that came with my foil for too long just because it looks sooooo good. But I’m too far out front for my short arms. I’m comfortable and all, but it’s not ideal.

Looking for 1.5/31.8 - 80-90mm - -5deg, black. Ideally something that looks almost as slammed and integrated as the original. I know position should never follow looks, but I’m vain :confused: I really like the envy aero stem, but I’d love to hear more reasonably priced alternatives.


How long is your current stem? Is there anything else you can do to get into the position you want? 80mm is short and many change the way the bike handles so I’d make sure that’s the road you want to take before commiting👍

What bars are you running? Some have a shorter reach than others. Gets you shorter on the hoods/drops but same on the tops