Rebecca's Private Idaho (and QSR) 2022

Anyone else doing RPI this year and if so doing the Queens’ Stage Race?

I’ve got the Unbound 100 in the bank, Tahoe Trail 100 as a relay coming up, then the QSR.

The way I understand the QSR is
Day 1 MTB race on your gravel bike. Probably a good day to run genuine knobies.
Day 2 Hill Climb TT.
Day 3 Sleep all day
Day 4 Baked Potato 100 Miler…

Defiantly falls into the “Well I’m going to be eating… a LOT.” as well as bringing my leg compression setup in an attempt to recover a tad more.

What apart from everything else am I missing? :stuck_out_tongue:

A theme song, I’d start with this one: The B-52's - Private Idaho (1980) - YouTube and with 3 days of riding my followup theme song would be from the same 80s band. Something silly making like a MTB race on gravel bike. So my choice would be Rock Lobster for day 1 and Private Idaho for day 4 :wink:

After a couple of visits to Sun Valley I’ve wanted to do the Baked Potato - that’s a lotta gravel. I’m afraid if we go this year I might be moving to Hailey. Maybe next year.

I’ll be there, albeit just doing the French Fry fun since I have had a lot of training interruptions this season (read: total lack of consistency).

The entire weekend is a blast, and I like just having the one day of riding so I can enjoy hanging out with friends.

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You’ve got it. I did QSR last year and ran 650b Senderos which was the right call. The first half of day 1 is a full on XC race. Then more flat/chill diesel pedaling. Eat a lot, bring the recovery legs. Also, it was FREEZING at the start of every stage last year. Bring a puffy for the TT, it’s a long casual rollout before the TT.

Also looking for tire recommendations for the RPI QSR.

Totally new to gravel racing, and in the “hoping to make the cutoffs” category, not the “get on the podium” category.

I’ll be riding on a Chamois Hagar.

My bike came with 50c WTB Ventures, but I recently replaced them with 40c Maxxis Ramblers that I’ve been doing most of my training on.

Happy with the ramblers, but wondering if they’re the right tire for the race?

I talked with one previous rider who said they walked at least 1 section of the Baked Potato because it was too chunky. Would like to avoid that.

I was even thinking about changing tires between stages.

My current thoughts, based largely off the course previews, are:

  • Day 1 - Seems like the most tech. Perhaps run a 45 or 50c more aggressive tires.
  • Day 2 - Don’t see any evidence of anything more tech than smooth gravel. Go down to a 40c or below lower-rolling-resistance tire.
  • Day 3 - I’ll be resting.
  • Day 4 - This one’s all over the place. Some road. Some smooth gravel. Some chunky tech that stretches the definition of gravel. My inclination is to keep something like my 40c Ramblers that I’ve found to be a good fit for mixed training rides.

But definitely open to suggestions, especially from riders of previous RPIs.

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I ran 40c Ramblers at the QSR and thought they were perfect. There is one slow chunky section but overall the gravel is very fast.
Do run a huge tire day 1, it’s a mtb race. Run the fastest tire you have for the TT!


I’m bringing 2 sets of wheels.
Day 1 MTB Race- Mavic Alloy with 40mm WTB Nanos because 45mm don’t fit and I had fresh nanos. Also running Airliners. Also running my SPD platform pedals, so I can pedal without being clipped in and a dropper post where the lever is on the post so I can swap back out for the next days.
Day 2 Hill Climb TT- HED Emporias with 43mm GK SK+ that I ran at Unbound. the HEDs are crazy light and I don’t feel like swapping to a different tire and the Nanos with liners aren’t really the right tool for the job. Also switch to my smaller SPD’s and regular seatpost
Day 4- Baked Potato - HEDs again. 43mm cushiness because I’m looking to survive.

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@jamesdanielosborne - Wait - how serious are you about stage 1? Like, would a hardtail MTB be a better choice for this stage? Is that allowed?

I never pulled the trigger on a gravel bike this year so I’ll be doing the Baked Potato on my XC MTB.

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The first half of stage 1 is real singletrack. Nothing super tech but rough in a few places and volume helps a lot. Pretty sure you have to ride the same bike all weekend. I don’t remember seeing anyone on a mtb.

You have to run the same bike, but you can change wheels.

@ddavew I’d say doable, but with fast rolling tires. I saw some folks doing Unbound 100 on XC bikes this year. Not ideal, but you can do it.

I think I can fit 29" 2.1" tires front and back, so I might try that out for day 1 (WTB Nano or Maxxis Pace), then go back to the 40c Ramblers for the other 2-days.

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Just arrived in Ketchum after a couple of days in Truckee, CA. So 10 days at 6,000’ prior to the first day of the QSR.

Half day of work, then will head down to the LBS and see what kind of local suggestions I can get from them for rides that aren’t part of the QSR, but yeah I’m going to climb Trail Creek at least once this week.

A lot more tarmac than I expected, but when Trail Creek goes gravel it’s kinda chunky and OMG the washboards are horrible.

Lessons learned on first climb

  1. Lower tire pressure. Like LOTS lower. I’m thinking so low it feels uncomfortable on the tarmac.
  2. 11-32 cassette isn’t going to cut it. minimum 11-34, maybe the 11-36
  3. 400mm bars are way too narrow.
    PXL_20220824_211803566 (3)

Love the recon. Did you go over the back side of trail creek? I was wondering how the washboards are on the long stretch after the the climb. I’m running 38 pathfinders and I think with low pressure it should be good for the tarmac and gravel combo.

See some of y’all there next week.

I didn’t get to the top. I have 2x20 min sweet spots today, so I won’t get up there again today either, but I’m using the hill for the workout.

Yesterday was 43mm GK SK+, today I’m giving the full MTB setup a try today. 700c with WTB Nanos, tubeless with airliners and the dropper post. Will likely chime in as to how that worked as well.


I run AXS wide so I have the 10-36 cassette paired with the 43-30 chainring, so plenty of low end for the climbs but still quick enough for the flats. I hope the climb isn’t too torn up, but I’ll be duoed with my buddy who is a better climber so I have a good rabbit to chase.

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Okay did 2x20 minute sweet spot on Trail Creek today. didn’t get but 5 min worth of gravel this time though.
Swapped to 11-36 cassette. It works great, but I think it’s overkill. I think the 11-34 will be fine for race day.
Installed the Dropper post. 100% running that for the MTB race and Baked Potato. Descending with it feels way more planted.
I think the Nanos are overkill. The 43mm GK SK+ at 27 psi should be fine and since they are mounted on my Emporia GC Pro wheels, WAY lighter.

I’ve got a 2 hour zone 2 ride slotted for tomorrow, so I’m going to take a spin as far up Dollarhide as that takes me.

3x10 min threshold on Saturday, so will easy spin out to Trail Creek and see if I can dial in the setup.

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Wildfire smoke has put Day 2 of the QSR in jeopardy if the AQI doesn’t drop below 150 before tomorrow morning it’s going to be cancelled :frowning:

Fingers crossed for you. Yesterday my niece in Boise said the fire was in Montana. Hoping the wind shifts directions.