Rebecca's Private Idaho (and QSR) 2022

Anyone else doing RPI this year and if so doing the Queens’ Stage Race?

I’ve got the Unbound 100 in the bank, Tahoe Trail 100 as a relay coming up, then the QSR.

The way I understand the QSR is
Day 1 MTB race on your gravel bike. Probably a good day to run genuine knobies.
Day 2 Hill Climb TT.
Day 3 Sleep all day
Day 4 Baked Potato 100 Miler…

Defiantly falls into the “Well I’m going to be eating… a LOT.” as well as bringing my leg compression setup in an attempt to recover a tad more.

What apart from everything else am I missing? :stuck_out_tongue:

A theme song, I’d start with this one: The B-52's - Private Idaho (1980) - YouTube and with 3 days of riding my followup theme song would be from the same 80s band. Something silly making like a MTB race on gravel bike. So my choice would be Rock Lobster for day 1 and Private Idaho for day 4 :wink:

After a couple of visits to Sun Valley I’ve wanted to do the Baked Potato - that’s a lotta gravel. I’m afraid if we go this year I might be moving to Hailey. Maybe next year.

I’ll be there, albeit just doing the French Fry fun since I have had a lot of training interruptions this season (read: total lack of consistency).

The entire weekend is a blast, and I like just having the one day of riding so I can enjoy hanging out with friends.

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You’ve got it. I did QSR last year and ran 650b Senderos which was the right call. The first half of day 1 is a full on XC race. Then more flat/chill diesel pedaling. Eat a lot, bring the recovery legs. Also, it was FREEZING at the start of every stage last year. Bring a puffy for the TT, it’s a long casual rollout before the TT.