Reasoning behind 5wks working to 1wk recovery?

What’s the reasoning behind working 5 weeks and recovering 1 week in some of the plans???

I’ve always done 3 weeks of solid training followed by 1 week recovery.


In short, because it is a lower intensity, it’s the “base season” and your body doesn’t usually require as much recovery doing SS workouts. Especially SSB1, the gradual TSS load is quite reasonable compared to a Build phase which is demanding. If it’s too much see below. SSB1 is usually doable 5/1 work to rest, but SSB2 is an uptick in intensity and is closer to a pre-build. So listen to your body and if you need rest in that fourth week then add in a recovery week. This may help:


The 5 work / 1 recovery pattern used in the Sweet Spot Base (and only in that area) was developed from Coach Chad and his application of this training when he ran is Indoor Power cycling classes. He found that people could generally handle this loading cycle and gain well from it.

As @MI-XC posted, I have gathered some of the alternate recommendations shared by TR. I am currently using the 4/1, 3/1, 3/1 pattern (option 2) and am loving the pattern. As 45yo rider now into my 4th season on TR, I found the 5/1 lead to excessively difficult and more often failed workouts in the final weeks, especially in SSB2.

I think this alternate method is a super good idea for anyone who takes too much fatigue into the later weeks of the 5/1 pattern. I highly suggest more people give it a shot to see how they like it.


Im the same age and feel recovery becomes very important. 3 to 1 has always worked for me but I’ll stick with the plan and see how much it beats me up!! If it does then itll be back to 3 to 1 or yes try option 2.

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