Reason for Adaptation [Feature Request]

Hi Guys,
I’d like to request that we see a brief explanation as to why Adaptive Training is suggesting a particular set of adaptations. I’ve been generally accepting everything even though sometimes, they are a bit of a mystery to me. It would be awesome to see something like that. Thanks.


Unfortunately not really possible with an ML based system, especially as TR has mentioned that they are using like 100 factors in their model. It’s the downside to ML - there isn’t a way to construct a human understandable reason for a recommendation.

You either trust the system or not.

We discussed this internally just yesterday! Brainstorming what that would look like in terms of an in-app feature, possibly a ‘why?’ hover/mouseover to try to speak a bit to the Progression Level changes and the explanation behind it. Our aim is to hopefully eliminate some of the confusion surrounding PL changes, decay rates, or a lack of change. We will keep you updated!


As an intermediate step I would at least like to see a note that the level has been reduced and then due to what eg decay, ML update. It leaves me wondering what has happend, if for example after a workout 2 weeks ago my PL has been adjusted to 7.2 and looking at the current level on my career pages it states now 5.