Rear view camera?

It’s 2020, so I wonder if anyone makes a decent product for this yet? I’d like an unobtrusive camera that I clip to my seatpost, which wireless transmits a video either to a dedicated screen on my handlebars, or my smartphone. Anything?

I imagine I’m “just doing it wrong”, but when I go riding with my wife she prefers to be behind me, and I end up riding slower than EITHER of us are capable of, as I don’t want to drop her and I hate craning my neck to look behind me all the time.

A very-minimal intercom (i.e. not looking like a call centre headset) would be a nice product as well… :grinning:

Why not just use one of those bar end mirror things?

I guess because I have the impression that they look tres “gimp”. I’m happy to have my mind changed though - can you link me to a decent one that doesn’t scream hybrid-riding-newbie? :grinning:

I don’t think they look any more newb than having a backup camera style setup with a phone on your handlebars. To me that screams more commuter

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If TDF mandated mirrors, this would be the one

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Low tech solution: Take the grease out of her freehub.

  • Loud rattling: You’re too slow and she’s not pedaling behind you.
  • Quite faint rattling in the distance: You dropped her and she gave up.

But yeah, a bar end mirror (there are some that can flap away when not in use) might be the best solution…

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We’ve recently moved and are exploring new roads each time we go out, so having google maps feels useful to me. I do know it looks a bit gimp though :slight_smile:

If you’re presumably on a road bike wearing road kit, I can’t see how a mirror is going to make you look any more embarrassing anyway. If you’re on a hybrid, one of those little hybrid mirrors won’t make you look any worse either

Also I’m sure you already knew but nobody thinks cyclists look cool aside from other cyclists, doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter or on a TT bike, so trying to look cool for motorists you don’t know in a new area by buying a backup camera is expensive and futile


Yep, I’m now aware of the tiny bar-end mirrors, I had no idea they were a thing. That’ll suit my needs perfectly I think, ta!

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Thread closed :slight_smile:

I know you have a solution, but this fits your original request.

I teased in the FB post about how long it would take a Tri or TT rider to mount the camera up front and ride heads down the whole time :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, I have a low tech solution for a problem:,strain%20commonly%20associated%20with%20belaying.

I know them from climbing, wonder if anyone ever tried it on a bike :wink:

What is behind you is scary but the reality of riding is that 99% what can hurt or kill you is in front of you. Keep your eyes on the road and get a Garmin Varia radar.

Don’t they make glasses for belaying rock climbers that allow you to look straight ahead, but see what’s above you? So you don’t have to spend 3 hours with your neck craned back looking at the climber for that split second that they fall.

Seems those glasses would be lighter than a video setup, maybe even more aero.

Actually, come to think of it…I’m surprised that’s not a thing for RAAM (or similar) endurance racing. Neck and eye fatigue becomes a huge issue because you have to constantly look ahead. I wonder if it would be possible to ride with those glasses, or if you’d get really dizzy and want to pass out.

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Yup, I’ve seen those and some similar mentions in Tri groups :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure anyone has actually done it, but they have at least thought about it.

Last year I was on a ride and an old guy (78) had a small mirror attached to his helmet that was just in front and off to the side. A bit like the one below

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I use a helmet mounted mirror like that on many of my rides. That combined with my Varia radar is a great combo.

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Agreed, but if you read my opening post you’ll see that I’m not scared of what’s behind me.

If you already have a GoPro then you have this already. Mount the camera rearward facing and use the GoPro companion app to remote view on your smartphone

Only downside is this can drain the GoPro battery reasonably quickly

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Didn’t even get the mirror out of its packaging before sending back. I’ve just got better at glancing behind me, and my wife and I now take turns on the front - much better!