Why are there no bike helmets with integrated cameras?

2 day agao i had a crash, the car hit and run, it was impossible to remember or see the license plate, I could only make out that it was probably a white car.

So a smart bike helemet with front and rear camera would be a cool invention and certainly possible to create, similar like the new bike radar of Garmin?

Not like a action cam, really simple cameras!

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They are out there ( CycleVision Edge dual camera helmet review - CyclingTips) but integrating something bulky into a helmet will be a costly right off in the event of even minor accidents. The camera could be fine but you really should throw away the lid then so the camera is thrown away too. The overall cost of replacing and the purchase of both a lid and a camera will put a lot of people off. The Market demand probably isn’t large enough to make them popular/ their manufacture worth it.

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great, so i hope there is a future market, the technology is getting smaller and smaller, it would be good if something like this was sold under license and all well-known helmet manufacturers could offer something like this as an option

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You could just mount something like a cycliq (might be spelled alightly different) camera/light to your helmet?
The problem is often the battery life, it just doesn’t last long enough for a decent ride.

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sure, but it would be compact or better as small as possible, or the new
garmin camera rear light also a a head light version with camera

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Cycliq has integrated cameras for front and rear lights.

those things would actually be something, but all these negative comments on dcrainmaker put me off a bit.

does anyone have good experience with it?

My only issue is battery life but I charge it the night before. More practical than a camera inside a helmet.

I think cameras in glasses are probably a bit more practical. Particularly with how big glasses are these days. The raptors were an early model a few years ago, but not sure where that product or similar are now.

hmmm, during the fall, the sunglasses blew off immediately, which is also a good thing I think

Here you go good sir


I am going to check a pair out next weekend. I am trying to figure out if you can have it on continuous overlap for the camera or what the situation is. This is a great idea with me and the fact they have open ear speakers is just a cherry on-top.

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