Real World Wahoo ROAM Battery Life

Can any ROAM users chime in to give their experience? I am looking at a 14 to 15 hour ride next month (350k), and I need to get something that will last the whole way. I know Wahoo advertises 17 hours, curious as to what people are seeing on the road. The other option is a Garmin 1030, but I reaaalllllly don’t like Garmin and hope to avoid if possible.


There’s a few factors that will play into this. Screen contrast level (kind of like brightness), if you’re using backlight, if you’re following a GPS route, etc.

So you may want to at least mention more detail on how you’ll be using it

I’m mostly looking for max life experiences in full efficiency mode. I can do the calculation of what I can turn on from there. I’m already a Bolt owner and feel pretty comfortable managing the Wahoo ecosystem.

buddy of mine claims 16ish hours. cutting it close IMO, i’d carry a battery bank.

or buy an edge 530, i’ve recorded a 32hr activity on mine without recharging

FWIW the Wahoo ecosystem is really just the computer-app integration. Stages took the mobile app config idea and added web config and computer config.

I understand some don’t want Garmin because of UX or what not. The 530 and 830 and 1030 are great computers with long battery life and great features. But if you hate the UX then the Wahoo alternatives are Stages Dash and Karoo 2.

Can you use an external battery pack? One 18650 should be more than enough.

I don’t want Garmin because I want the company to cease to exist as an entity because it’s so deplorable.

Yeah, I am carrying one, but I really want that to be the “oh shit” backup, and not know I’m gonna use it going in.

I’ve been more inconvenienced by Wahoo than by Garmin :man_shrugging: But I don’t wish evil on Wahoo.

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It’s a lot more than inconvenience. Garmin is deplorable across every segment from marine to aviation. I’ve dealt with them in way less trivial matters than bike computers. To say I despise Garmin would be way too charitable.


I’ve used a battery pack for my Bolt and had it running for almost 17:40 hours. You can use a top tube bag or zip tie the pack to your stem. It will slow trickle charge the Bolt. It’s an option unless you just want/need an excuse to buy a new head unit.

Mine uses about 6% an hour with no backlight and a PM and HR strap, navigation turned off, leds off

18hrs, you’d need a power bank just for lights and cell. Something like this has a cord port in the front for this (note you need side-exit bottle cages)

I’ve done several 10-12 hour 200km brevet rides where I keep the unit on the whole time during stops. I’ve got route navigation going, a power meter, Garmin Varia radar, and heart rate monitor paired, and keep my backlight on auto. I’ve frequently noticed 35-40% battery remaining at the very least on these rides and have never noticed any low battery messages. In fact my lights have run out of juice before the head unit. I’m confident the Roam can hit 15-17 hours easily.