Real Bike Weights

Though it might be interesting to start a thread about real bike weights. Meaning, how much the bike weighs if you were to race it today. So, I weighed my 2021 Scott Addict RC 10 (54) with pedals, cages and computer but, took off the bag and lights. She tipped the scales at 17.94lbs or 8.13Kgs. The Addict is marketed as the lightweight bike and this model stock is $6499 USD which is their 3rd tier model. My 80’s Bianchi probably weighed less… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I made a few changes from the stock build. Just building it how I like it and how I need it. Clearly not worried about weight. Stock/web site published 17.28lbs/7.84Kgs w/o pedals, cages and computer. No idea how accurate my scale is. Changes include:

  1. 65mm DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut wheels (tubeless).
  2. iC SL carbon one piece bar/stem.
  3. Enve cages.
  4. Bontrager Aeolus Pro saddle.
  5. Conti GP 5000 25c tires.


Okay, I’ll play…

Canyon Ultimate CFR, size XL.

  • Red AXS w PM, 10-28, 46/33, CLX-R 160s
  • DT Swiss 25th Anniversary Wheels, Veloflex Corsa 25s, Vittoria Latex
  • Canyon CP-20 Bar/Stem - 110*42, Canyon Tape
  • Canyon VCLS 13 Seatpost
  • Fizik Antares EVO VS Adaptive Saddle, 3D printed Ion mount
  • Dura Ace 9100 +4mm pedals
  • K-Edge out-front mount and chain-catcher
  • Arundel Mandibles w spacers to clear the K-Edge

Right at 6.8-kg ready to rumble… with the stock DT Swiss ARC 1100 48s, it’s just above 7.0-kg (which is how I would probably race it). When I get my Berk saddle, Darimo post, Canyon SLX cages, and Time Xpresso 15s swapped out, it should get right at or just under 6.5-kg.

Canyon lists the weight as 6.52-kg on their site - which must be for a XXS with no pedals, tubeless without sealant, and no cages - and still seems optimistic…


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9 Disc eTap (Size M)

Website says 6.98kg without any accessories and pedals.

I’m weighing in at 7.4kg with added:
Dura Ace pedals = 224g
2 x Canyon CF SL bottle cages = 40g
K Edge Garmin IHS Combo Mount = 50g
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus = 124g
Removed tubes from factory and converted to tubeless -40g

Sum of the stated weights = 7.378kg which is just about right on what I’m weighing in at.


lol my Allez is prob like 22lbs/10ish kg but I’ll try and come back with an actual reading

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Post up. At 18 pounds/8.1kg mine is the heaviest so far. I’ve picked up an Allez or two easily lighter than mine. Sram Red eTap with carbon everything else and reasonably shallow/light wheels I’d guess close to 6.8kg.

Sealant? 2 oz per tire is over 100g…

An excuse to post a picture of my bike? Say no more.

Two wheelsets, a set of Zipp 404s for most of the time, and some Farsports light jobbies for fun.

7.65kgs as pictured, minutes the saddle bag and light.

7.2kgs as pictured, minus the saddle bag.

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Changes from stock (8kg) include:

  • Wheels, obviously!
  • Tyres and tubes, latex FTW :relaxed:
  • Zipp SL70 Aero bars
  • Berk Lupina saddle
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My Ritchey (steel) is 8.8Kg as pictured (excl. bottles and computer). I’ve been racing on it since 2015, with no problem keeping up.


~50g sealant in each tyre. Inner tubes were a Schwalbe 65g item.

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I don’t know if you want this to be road bike only, but my XC Race Bike is a 2021 Scott Spark 910 at 12.7kg.

Scott Spark 910 - XL
Front fork down to 120mm
Handlebars trimmed to 730mm, steerer trimmed to 20mm spacer
XLab carbon Gorilla cage (circa 2009 and still going strong)
Garmin 130+ with rigid k-edge stem spacer mount
XT pedals
Sigeyi Power Meter
Hunt XC Wide Wheels with Schwalbe Racing Ray and Ralph, plus Pepi’s insert in the rear.
WTB Volt race saddle with Tubolito tube taped underneath.

Should be able to drop a few grams with my race tyres. I’ll try get a better picture soon, I’m just waiting to hear if my A-Race is postponed before I decide whether to dress it up.

No certainly not. Please include any bike type! My gravel and TT bikes are also a little heavy at 19 and 20 pounds respectively. When I switched from mountain to road I thought the weight of the bike was more important than it really was. Perhaps I felt this way as I do think it’s more noticeable riding mountain bikes and we did spend time and money getting our bikes as light as we could. For road I don’t really care too much. It is not the reason I’m slow up climbs that’s for sure.

So post up. It’s all two wheels and two triangles with a chain.

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This is a cool thread so I figured I’d add too. My road bike is a Specialized Roubaix Expert in 61 cm with Ultegra Di2, Bontrager Aeolus Pro 51 wheels, Enve 42cm AR bars, 105 pedals, and Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32 tires. Without the saddle bag, Varia or Garmin computer, it comes in at 9.045 kg or 19.941 lbs.

For alot of folks, this might be down right heavy but it rides like a dream and never feels sluggish. Then again, I’m also 6’5" and well north of 200 lbs :rofl:

If I wanted to go the weight weenie route, I could definitely drop some weight with the tires (they’re 375g each) or super light wheels but I don’t think it’s a big deal.


2020 Orbea Orca M20i

On arrival it weighed in at 7.95kg out of the box.

I’ve made some changes since including tyres changed to GP5000’s and tubes to the tubolito’s which saved 100g on each wheels Vs the stock tubes. Stem cut and prime primavera handlebars.

Now it weighs in at 7.55kg including elite carbon bottle cages and generic out front mount with go pro adaptor.
Add my Assioma Duos and it’s 7.85kg.

The only really changes I could make to shift weight now are going from ultegra di2 to Dura ace and maybe some slightly lighter wheels and a Berk lupina saddle but all that’s be a fortune to save another 600g and I could never justify that!

Rides beautifully as it is!


Any bike I ride must weigh a ton thats why I never win anything :wink:

But just a quick on bathroom scales thing (bike&me - me) and probably completely inaccurate:
My TT bike weighs 9.4kg (20.7lb)
My Road bike weighs 8.5kg (18.7lb)
My Gravel bike weighs 10.3kg (22.7lb)

Or (based on my weight this morning (and after todays TT):
TT = 15.8% additional weight
Road bike = 14.3%
Gravel bike = 17.3%

I think I am going to become a weight weenie :joy:


I guess I find this subject somewhat interesting because (like FTP) peeps seem to embellish bike weight for some strange reason. Almost everyone I talk to has a lighter bike and a much higher FTP than me. NTTAWWT. Just find it interesting.

@FrankTuna @HLaB But, in the grand scheme, a couple extra pounds on the bike is meaningless IMO. Working on the power side of the equation (as I’m sure you know) is where you will see the real gains.

edit: And the obvious…work on getting the body leaner. This is the hardest one to do for me but, the most fulfilling.


My Colnago came in at 7.32kg / 16.1 lbs with pedals. I made zero attempt to make it light. It wears 50mm carbon wheels now.


And the obvious…work on getting the body leaner. This is the hardest one to do for me but, the most fulfilling.

For sure. I’m riding the lightest bike I’ve had in couple years but getting faster on anything longer than short, punchy climbs is going to take getting back down to “race weight” – which for me is about 15-lbs away (6’3", 185ish right now). My power is doing pretty well. Just those W/kg giving me fits… Considering the pandemic though and some other life stress, I’m just happy to be riding well, staying healthy, and not gaining weight. The reduction will start to come in the winter off-season (or so I’m claiming for now).

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Generic open mould china frame (3T Strada clone), SRAM Force/Rival 1x11 disc brake mixed group w Quarq, 11-32 cassette, 28h 44/55mm 30mm wide open mould wheelset, with pedals, cages etc ~7.8kg

No attempt to make it lightweight in the choice of parts

CX Bike is also open mould, cheap Chosen alu wheelset, 33mm mud wrestlers, SRAM Force wifli groupset, 46/36 chainrings, quarq, 7.9kg

I used the published weight, after building a set of DT wheels, and buying a set of Hunt wheels. I feel that once you start chasing weight, you open up a whole big box of madness. The LBS weighed the same bike I have and said that the published weight was heavier, but we didn’t get into accoutrements/size. But I’m an old rider, not a competitor, and have never seen a KOM, but I refuse to try to ‘make’ a KOM.

Someone said they stopped wearing socks and using gloves to ‘save weight’. I don’t want to go THAT far to save weight.

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