Readiness Score feature idea

Hi TR Team,
In the spirit of making the product better I noticed a feature on an app that my S&C Coach utilises that might make TR even better.
This app uses a very short 5 question (1-5 scale) survey that spits out a “Readiness Score”
It includes Sleep Quality, Mood, Energy, Stress, Soreness

Something like this might be useful for athletes to look back on over time.
This could also be helpful for as more data for adaptive learning to adjust programs up or down!



Really like this idea. I’d love to see this added as optional survey questions.

Thanks for this! Definitely passing this suggestion along to the team. Knowing how you’re feeling prior to a workout I could potentially yield adaptations before you start the workout, although I’m sure the logic for that is tricky depending upon what you enter. Super cool idea!

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Ideally, some feature that used this could grab a lot of data from automated sources if possible. Like the Health data from Apple Watch/iPhone has a lot of the data that is referenced in some of the literature relating to fitness training. e.g., resting heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep quality etc etc.

Good stuff to pay attention to and maybe even good stuff to be incorporated into adaptive training in the future.

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