Suggestion for Train Now - Survey Option BEFORE the suggestions

I use a weight lifting app that has AI that I really love. It periodizes me, progresses me, etc…basically a weight lifting “equivalent” to TrainerRoad

One thing it does that I like (and I know some people won’t like it…so it would be nice to have it as an option) is BEFORE the workout it has a survey…asks 5 questions to determine my readiness - how I’d rate my sleep, if I’m sore, if I’m injured, if I am eating well, if I am hydrating.

you just rate them 1 to 5 or something like that…takes a few seconds

then it uses this data to determine how hard of a workout along with my past history.

this would be great for those of us that have very variable schedules and also for those that intermix other athletic activities…like say I hit a heavy squat day and want to bike…I could just let it know I’m super sore and it would auto give me a less intense workout…even if my plan is calling for a heavy interval day based on my TR past workouts.

just a suggestion. ty for considering


I’d be very interested to know the name of your weight training app.


sheiko gold


I think this is a good idea. It could even just be a single question asking how “ready” you feel for this workout. I’m not sure I’d want it to be used to change the workout for the day, but I think it’d be interesting to collect that data for a while. I know yesterday, I probably would have given myself a 2/5 readiness for a Vo2 max workout. My legs were sore, heavy and mentally I wasn’t all there. I still ended up crushing it. 5-10 minutes of a warm up can change things quickly. Sometimes how I “feel” isn’t really how I feel.

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Maybe rather than just automatically changing the workout it could propose an alternate that you can accept or reject - that would seem to suit both camps.


By the way, this sounds pretty similar to the red light, green light feature they’ve alluded to on the podcast. I can’t remember exactly how that was supposed to work but, perhaps a survey would be part of that.

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