Rate my Biike @Ivy (Please)

If Gaimon will rate cookies rate cookies and Alex / Keegan will rate pancakes can I get @IvyAudrain to rate my new bike?

She started life as a 2014 Diamondback Podium Youth 24". She has been handed down through multiple devo families locally until being gifted to my 7 yr old for cross this season

In typical squidcross fashion we tore her down, sanded, repainted, and rebuilt almost everything.


Spray.bike paint job??? Immediately 12/10.
Only deduction is that its not singlespeed. :laughing:

Lucky 7yo for sure! So stoked they’re gonna get out there and rip some CX this year.
Thanks for the love @TrippHolt!!!


@IvyAudrain you’ll get to meet her this weekend at Major Taylor!

Will you be hanging around any specific tent? We will be with the Midwest Devo crew.

Awesome! I’ll be with the Blue Competition Cycles crew. Stoked to meet you all!

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