Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I’m looking to set up my Trainer Road application on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, computer and was wondering if anyone has already set one up.

I gather that I would have to use the Windows IoT operating system. Does the Raspberry Pi 3 have the resources required to work TrainerRoad.
If this would work it would be a really sweet and inexpensive setup cost for a Trainer Road computer in the basement to Garage.


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Or you could install Android. Google is your friend.


I didn’t know you could install Android os on Raspberry Pi 3.
I’ll have to look that up.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Google gave quite a few options on first glance. You may have to fiddle with a few to find one that works (guessing). But if you’re trying to run TR on a Pi, I’m assuming you’re not an, “I just want it to read my mind and do what I want,” person. :nerd_face:

I live close to Cambridge and just ducked into the Raspberry Pi retail store (total geek heaven!). I grabbed a Pi 3B and my plan is to attempt something similar. I have an old monitor and I’m hoping to get it set up as a TR system exclusively running the software. Can’t wait to get started.

Hi neighbor, a little north of Boston as well, and I agree micro center in Cambridge is heaven. I have a pi3 I use as a plex media server and a pi zero w I use for old video game emulation. I need to get another sd card so I can try some other stuff on the pi zero

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I think you’re out by quite a few thousand miles…


Ha maybe you’re right, I saw cambridge and thought microcenter, which is nerd heaven in America, we stole all the English town names!


Let me know what you do to set up Trainer Road on Raspberry Pi3.

Good luck.

No idea how well this will work as I haven’t tried it myself, but it may be a useful test to see if you can get the windows app to run under this variant of Windows 10 OS: https://github.com/WoA-project/WoA-Installer/blob/master/Docs/Raspberry.md

If there are no technical issues, I think this could be working solution. They have tested Android app on really cheap tablets and it was acceptable for doing a workout.

Let’s say we shared them amicably! :smiley:. Yep, I meant Cambridge, UK. But now I’ve had a look on Google maps I’ve added your Cambridge to my list of places to visit!

I’ve not had time to even get my new Pi out of the box yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post up. Debating whether to use the inbuilt Bluetooth or grab a usb ANT+ antenna at the moment. I’d also like to investigate using the GPIO to set up a wahoo-style traffic light for power zones. So much to explore!

αυτό είναι όλα ελληνικά για μένα :sweat_smile:

Just curious if this went anywhere. Would be nice to avoid using my work laptop if I could sent up one of my pi’s with just a monitor :slight_smile:

Being a big nerd, and having an rpi3 laying around, I gave this a try this weekend. I installed LineageOS Android 9, Google play store via a gapps pico installation, and TrainerRoad installed after that just fine. Have an ANT+ dongle, but the Kickr and HR strap connected fine via Bluetooth.

So, technically it all works fine. But holy moly is the entire endeavor a test of patience. Android is slooow on the rpi3. Anything, really anything, is better than this. Grab the cheapest Android tablet you can find and use that. If Android could be more optimized for the rpi3, that would change things, especially if hardware video acceleration was working, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be wiping the installation, was neat to try out though.


Yeah Android isn’t exactly a lightweight operating system.

Don’t know if something like Anbox emulator would be better if it worked at all?

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