Ramp Test and Racing TTs

I’ve been following TR Plans since late Dec 18 (SSB MV 1&2 and now midway through SPB HV). During SPB I’ve had a couple of TTs (a 30k and a couple of 10milers on the weekends, with 7.8mile Club TTs on Tuesday evenings for the last 3 weeks), so my ‘compliance’ to the SPB plan hasn’t been 100%, with Saturdays generally a variant of Truuli, and the TT on Sunday, then a shorter VO2 max variant on Tuesdays (pre-TT).

Yesterday’s plan called for a mid-plan Ramp Test, and I increased my FTP by 11w from 245 to 256w - obviously, I was very pleased, and am aware that I could’ve done a bit more had I followed the plan precisely etc, but such is life.

So, buoyed by my FTP bump earlier in the day, I rocked up to my Club TT last night, Carried out my regular warm up routine, and set off on the 2 lap circuit… Crossed the finish line, stopped my ELEMNT, cruised back to the HQ, looked at the times when they were put up and was pleased to be another 13s faster than last week. Happy days all round…

I then got home, and looked at my power data in TR, and was very pleased to see my Average Power was 262w (282W NP).

Anyone else had a similar experience…?

I have quite the opposite effect with my ftp and TT result power. My ramp test power is 305.

I did a hilly 20 miler TT, I got 274w avg over 54mins.
I did a flatish 25 miler TT, I got 273w avg over 65mins.


I last did my FTP ramp test 5 weeks ago which yielded a very modest 224W FTP, did my second TT of the season over a undulating 10 mile course and was very surprised to see an average of 263W which produced a time of 24:22 which is a PB for me on that course by a massive 2:28, think I’m due another ramp test.
It just goes to show what a bit of structured and consistent training can do, its a good start to the season :grinning:

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