Ramp Test 2 - Gain Expectation?

Hello TrainerRoad Coach: I did my 2nd Ramp Test and was a bit disappointed with only a 3 Watt gain. I ride with a high cadence and my Kickr20 is on ERG Mode the entire time, and for all TR workouts.

What type of gain should I expect on my 2nd Ramp Test? I have been fairly consistent with the workouts, only having to reduce the Power down once or twice (and only on the last segment). I am thinking of ditching my HRM and just rely on POWER output as I think looking at my HR might be a factor. So my question is how much gain should I be expecting on the first Ramp Test (after the initial RAMP test)?


If you are new to this kind of training, there are lots of systems that need to develop before FTP starts going up more significantly. Your aerobic systems are likely underdeveloped and you will find that you can sustain power more easily despite the fact your ftp isnt going up. So, long story short, 3 watts is fine. No concern needed.


My second ramp test came back with the exact same FTP as my first. I think fatigue may have been an issue; I could always sleep more. Or maybe I wasn’t following the plan, as prescribed. Whatever was going on with my FTP, I definitely felt fitness gains during my first block, but they were more on the endurance side than max power. My next test saw a modest bump - 5 W. I just figure that I’m learning how to do this kind of training, as @russell.r.sage just posted while I was writing this.

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If you are using the desktop beta app, you can keep your HRM on and just toggle the HR field so that it doesn’t show. It’ll still record and you’ll be able to see it after the fact.

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Thanks for the response. This forum is great for technical questions, specific to physiology. I was just discouraged (rightly or wrongly). I have heard others gaining +40 Watts, but not sure what that timeline looks like. I’ve been cycling for over 20 years, competitive in the last 5, but have not had this kind of purposeful training.

I look forward to the next RAMP test. I don’t feel like such a “tool”, but a bit more encouraged.


Don’t be discouraged. Everyone is different. I went back and looked at my first year of training on TR with power (see image). Stay consistent and trust in the process!

Also keep in mind that FTP is only one measure of fitness. You may have gained above or below that point on your power curve, increases time to exhaustion at any point or many. Far more to your fitness than one test :smiley: