Raleigh Chopper rereleased

Am I the only one who is sad this new classic is only available in the UK? I had one and it was the coolest bike in the neighborhood. Raleigh

I still have vivid memories of racing down a hill on a chopper, getting speed wobble and going over the bars to skid to a halt on my face.

Ah, the 1970’s. What a time.


And the weight ensured the only way you could get it going fast was downhill. But my friends all still wanted one.

Really, they were crap. My childhood was enhanced immeasurably by the invention of BMX bikes!

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I’m from Nottingham and before I was born my dad spent years working at Raleigh. When I was a kid in the 70s I told him I wanted a Chopper. He said “you’re not having one of them, if you want a bike you can have a proper bike”. I’ve had a lifetime of happiness riding proper bikes. Thanks dad!


But cool is cool, so I would still ride one. Probably not on a training ride though :rofl:

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Chopper bikes never did it for me.

Some girl in my neighborhood showed up with a Race Inc BMX bike one day. This was was a high end, mostly light alloy parts, BMX race bike. I had never seen such a high end BMX bike. It has this amazing chrome blue paint job like this:

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