N+1 bike dreams

I’m curious — I’m sure I’m not the only one like this — is there a bike out there the you REALLY want that you just can’t justify?

I’m not talking about a bike that your wife/husband/partner won’t let you buy…I’m talking about a bike that makes you play cycling Tetris in your head. A bike that YOU can’t justify because you have it’s intended use covered in your current stable.

I’ll go: I race gravel 3-4 times a year. Michigan gravel races are my favorite way to compete. They are fast and road-like. My current gravel race bike is a Norco Search Carbon Ultegra 2017. I race with 700x35 tires and has clearance for up to 42mm rubber. But…

…I’m dying to buy an Open U.P.

Takes 700 and 650 wheels…light, stuff, rugged. Hot.

And If I bought it, I’d have absolutely no use for it outside of my Norco :neutral_face:

I’ve got a dedicated Tri bike that I never use anymore, a dedicated road bike, my Norco gravel racer and am about to take delivery on my first mountain bike…but, damn, that OPEN U.P. is a looker :metal:

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Moots RSL disc. I have a great road bike and frankly the Moots would be heavier and maybe even less aero… but I just love it and want it.


Probably a Madone SLR9 Disc, although I’d happily have an SLR6 Disc which isn’t outside of the realms of possibility I guess… (Still expensive though!)


For me this changes from week to week.

One week it is also an OPEN U.P., the next one a 3T Strada, and the week after a custom steel frameset with my individual geometry and a personalized paintwork…

But to be honest I am more than happy with my current bike set up and tight on space, so another bike is hard to justify, no matter what it is.


Gerard Vroomen is behind both Open and 3T. The Exploro is a similar design to the U.P., and is really an N-1. Wheel changes take it from a weekend club bike to a CX bike, to a gravel bike to an adventure bike.

It would be sufficient as a road race or Crit bike for a CAT 5 dipping their toe in the water or someone who is not a contender, but, likes to mix it up and help the team every now and then.

On the flip side, the Exploro and Strada are probably the only two bikes you need.

Absolutely a Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 3. It’s my dream bike. But I need a size bigger than 58cm, and it would spend far to much of it’s life on a trainer or with road wheels and not out in the dirt on adventures where it belongs.

I’ll substitute it for a Open UPPER in the Yeti Turquoise, but that’s not an option either.

Canyon Grail CF SLX 8.0 Di2 Gravel Bike - I don’t even ride the roadie outside, let alone need a gravel bike.

DMR Sect 100mm Dirt jumper

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Funny, i wanted the new Oiz TR since last year when released and today i could not stand it anymore and did order it. :eyes: Now the long wait begins…

PS! Not my bike on the pic, but same colors. Picture is from Linus Holmgren.

Yes!!! This is the heart of the question - “I want it just because I want it!!”


I’m really tempted by a project right - almost hit the button last year but its just the 18-month lead time (ok and not insignificant cost) that held me back.



Banshee Darkside. I am no where near a bike park but I still want one.

The new Cervelo P5 disc in lime green

I was able to get something out of budget for a steal last year at the end of the season !

Can’t wait to spend this season on my 2015 venge with electronic ultegra and 60mm rovals… was only ridden for like 250km


I really want a track bike. A Bianchi.

The nearest track is thirteen hours away.

I would “justify” it by saying I will use it for sprint workouts …


If I were to continue my current line (Colnago Tecnos (steel) ,Colnago CT1 (ti/carbon), then a C60 with Campy Super Record and maybe some Enve wheels/stem/bar

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I wouldn’t mind having a Pinarello Dogma for a training bike. I mean it was good enough for this guy c656b90132e8dd0c9703d08ad69034b2


My nearest bike park is 4-5 hours away and has nothing my enduro sled can’t easily handle. Dh bikes seem so hard to justify.


Well there are plenty of nice bikes out there, but if you’re talking not being able to justify it, then you have to consider value for money.

I’d love a Yeti, but for the same build kit, I can buy another brand at half the price. You just can’t justify it.

Same goes with Trek and Specialized - the two most over priced “big” brands there are. At least boutique brands (like Yeti) you can somewhat justify.

Raleigh Team Aero Burner Burner

This was the bike of my childhood dreams. When Raleigh released a new run of these, I got far more excited than a grown man should.


Something about a full matte black Canyon Aeroad (Canyonerooooo-oooh) makes my heart say yes but my mind (and wallet) say no