Taproot Bikes - What Sparked the Flame?

What are the bikes that started it all for you?
Born 1970
BMX- 1978 Schwinn SX100

Road - 1984 Miata 710
MTB - 1990 Specialized Rockhopper Comp

My Huffy Bandit almost made the list


It was either a giant run on or a giant talon.

Felt F1. Bought it used on eBay… didn’t have a clue what I was buying. Just knew I wanted a road bike and I heard Dura-Ace was good… bought it aight unseen. Brought it to a local shop to build and both guys working that day tried buying it off me. Had no idea what I actually had… haha. That $600 eBay purchase in the early 2000s have since cost me a lot of money!