Rad (the movie) 1 day in theatre re-release March 21 2024

Accidentally stumbled across this yesterday when talking about kids wearing helmets in movies with a friend. Think he was talking about Goosebumps but it reminded me to look up if Rad was maybe streaming some place and what do you know it is playing 1 night only next week ( March 21st)!!!


It was apparently also released on Blu-ray a few years ago, think we just found out we had a kid on the way so never saw it, will be picking that up too. Pretty sure the only way I have seen this in the past is a 100x copied million times played VHS that a friend growing up had.

Grandma confirmed to babysit last night and tickets acquired just now. Might throw some pegs on my S&M Holmes hanging in my shop (my old TNT race bike is still at my parents) so the lady and I can ride there in style.