Racing on a Go Kart Track

nationsnumber1beast highlights from racing on a go kart track, at night. Holy $&@#! Go watch.

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Looked like cross on pavement. Fun to watch, lower speed than a “real” crit. Line management seemed to be key. Probably a good practice effort given the hard out of corner accelerations.

He jumped the gun a bit. The official didn’t even say one yet!

Interesting race. Traction seemed to be an issue, you could see people were cornering gingerly and there were plenty of spills. Good thing the fields were small.

Apparently there was a lot of trash talking and aggressive riding in this race too, mostly from the Wildlife Generation rider. These races are turning into a soap opera and I love it. I only wish the videos were longer, the wind edited out, and commentary added like Jeff 's NorCal cycling videos. These guys are awesome to watch though and I am so happy they are having so much success!

Jeff you need to get on this!

Looks like it would be well-suited to an evening of super-quick races with qualifying heats and finals. Hard to see anyone getting a half-decent draft or gaining a lap because it’s so twisty. Almost looks like BMX for roadies!

Now that looks like fun!!

Is that the one at Adams or Apex? I wanted to go, but I haven’t done any close quarters road riding in a while so I decided against it.

A guy I know who is very fast was there, said it was a shit show and no one knew how to corner. As a former motorcycle racer, I was glad I didn’t go.

(My motorcycle racing lines got me in trouble at my first/last crit)

As a motorcycle roadracer, this makes crits look fun(ner) to me (except for the slick surface on that particular course). Line selection and corner speed would come into play for sure!

Also, I’d wear flats. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: