2022 Carl Dolan Spring Classic - Cat5, 2nd place! (Full race, gnarly 1st lap crash, no commentary)

Hey, all.

I make videos of my races and other cycling things for fun. If anyone enjoys these things, take a peek! :slightly_smiling_face:

This was yesterday’s race, my 4th road race ever (2nd circuit race), and I somehow managed to get 2nd! (Thanks, TrainerRoad!) The guy who won has an FTP of 380+ @ 160# and I knew for sure he would win lol :joy:

The commentary version of this will come out in a few days when I get it done. Can’t edit videos during the day with 4 little ones under 7yo :sweat_smile:

Hope you enjoy!


Nice video. General question from a non-racer, but how does someone with a 380 FTP race CAT5? I guess I could see if the rider was completely new to racing, but that guy looked like he knew what he was doing.

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Yup it was his first road race. Everyone starts in Cat5 (now called Novice). He is a former D1 rower and does a LOT of fast group riding in our Northern VA area. Really cool dude too and he is young, so he has that going for him too.

Oh, and thanks! I try to make good videos for the sake of it being fun.