Race video with data overlay

The above link is from my 3rd crit, and I would love feedback on this. FWIW I am video documenting all of my races from noob to whatever category I can make it to. I am a 44 y/o male who started TrainerRoad back in fall of 2019 with an FTP of 180. It is up to 242 currently. I am 5’9" 163 pounds.

This is the B group at the Chico Airport Criterium series hosted by the Chico Cycling Team. I have a few teammates in this race though we are not racing as a team. The guy in the CCT kit on the gold specialized and I have worked together in a previous crit. Our team has the orange and teal bands. There is a decent wind blowing from right to left as looking from the start line. With a tailwind coming into corner 4, I wanted to be first at all costs going in to that corner.