Crit video from my first race in a couple of years

In figuring out where to post this, there evidently isn’t a thread dedicated to race videos, so you get a new topic. This was my first race in two years and even prior to that, I maybe do a race or two a year, so to say I’m tactically rusty is an understatement. However, I managed to stay with the group until the end and even had a half-hearted attempt at getting ahead of the main field beginning around 34.5 to 35.5 mins. I was in a poor position on the last lap to really contest for anything, so there’s that. Overall, not terrible for being out of practice but I’d definitely try to keep working on positioning near the end, and also keep working at following wheels and keeping those gaps small. Anyhow, it’s crappy video from my crappy gopro clone, but good enough! As for race stats I averaged 255w and had an NP of 270w (0.93) for 50mins, and spent 33% of the race in anaerobic power (unsurprising in a crit)