Race simulation before event?

Before an A race do you try to find an outdoor ride that simulates the milage and elevation change of the upcoming race? If so, when do you do it in relation to the race itself? Do you ride it at race pace or use it as more of an endurance ride?

If it was a time trial, maybe/probably. If it’s a mass start race, probably not, though I’d take the key feature(s) of the course in mind.

Depends a lot on the specific race. Simulating a TT (or if it’s local, just going and riding the course) is pretty simple. Mass start races are likely going to be quicker than anything you could do on your own for that distance and less steady.


When I ride a race route its more of a recce; I might have a flying lap if it safe to do so but not flat out and on the whole I save my max for the race.

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