🎥 Race Analysis: How to Win from a Solo Breakaway

The Beat Pete Challenge is finally over! A tricky course and a solid group of heavy hitters meant this criterium was a race of attrition. Check it out!


Excellent race! I knew you were going to win, but I was still egging you on over the finish!

I have an idea for a workout: You could smooth out and map the power profile required to win the race, but I’m not sure if you can work in absolute numbers instead of %FTP. Maybe it wouldn’t translate to the stationary trainer very well, but I’d certainly appreciate all of the zero-watt coasts down the hill!

any way you can post the performance analytics for the race. it would be awesome to see the stats in the breakaway

That’s an interesting idea! :thinking:

I will pass that along to the team and see if that is something we can do. Thanks for the feedback!

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WTF was that guy doing in that crash?!

Here’s the TrainerRoad data file for the race :+1:

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Heh, that made me chuckle. Would like to know why they were trying to shoulder barge – there was plenty of space.

I think the guy who hopped the curb was trying to close the door on the other guy, but was going a lot slower and ended up being passed right as he was trying to close the door. Ended up worse for him, but if he had been a second ahead, could have caused the other guy to crash as he cut across his front wheel.

That’s awesome to see, NP of 292 W to win completely off the front! Do you think if it was a flat course, it would have been a different story? Obviously the crazy cornering skills contribute as well!

Just in comparison, I’m 90 kg and manage about 260 W NP in a similar length race - I get dropped within a few laps every week! …in the bottom category!

I’ll keep at it :wink:

The punchy and technical nature of this course definitely changed how the “game” was played, and opened up certain opportunities that Jonathan was able to capitalize on. Flat courses tend to favor the pack a bit more, and would be much harder to win from a solo breakaway.

I definitely notice the difference when I go to a long track instead of my local one (200 m straight):

I get dropped within 5-10 minutes on my local one because of the accelerations - seemed to do much better on this circuit (500 m straight):

My goal this year is just to make it to the end with the bunch!

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