Race Analysis/Critique

Hello everyone,

I would love some critique on my race video, I know its long and I have some commentary but I would appreciate some advice. This was my 5th race in total, 2nd this year, I feel like I am getting better, however I still dont feel super comfortable with holding wheels. I also feel like I waste too much energy and cant sprint/snap as much as I think I could in the finish. I feel strong enough to stay with the field and do well but I dont think I should rely just on that in races.

Thank you all in advance!

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I like the idea of sourcing community feedback on your races. And this is a great community in which do it. However, I would suggest pairing the video down to 10-15 minutes of key spots that you think you struggled with. Or if there are specific questions you have, try to find examples of those.

Good luck with the rest of your season!


Thanks, I’ll try to shorten it next time. It was more general comments that you guys would notice right away.