R8000 RD install

I just swapped my short cage R8000 RD to a medium.
I was wondering if anyone is familar with the little lugs on the RD, if I have installed it in the right spot on the hanger?

See picture attached.


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Yes. See page 9: https://si.shimano.com/pdfs/dm/DM-RARD001-04-ENG.pdf

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Thanks. The shimano manual I saw was not as clear as that one.

Appears correct, I was getting thrown as the rd rotates freely on the hangar.


So, the movement on the hangar, looks like the bolt that attaches the Rd onto the Hangar came loose.

I used a torque wrench to install it, to 10nm. Running a 34/34 it has worked itself loose somehow??

The movement you are talking about, do you mean on a vertical axis? (if you’re looking at your bike from behind, it moves up and down), or is there just play side to side (horizontally)?

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The red circle is the B-Axle attachment which you torqued to 10NM. The bolt is designed to bottom out on the derailleur to allow the link to rotate freely to aid you removing and reinstalling your wheel. If it didn’t it would make it a total pain in the a$$ to do.

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No the silver bolt next to the one which you circled had worked itself loose.

The movement was vertical, once that bolt had become loose during my ride.

I have just torqued it back up.

okay. The silver one is the one that bolts to your derailleur hangar and it should not move once torqued down. The tab that you showed in your first post should be above the little “hook” or platform on the hangar. Once you tighten that down it should be stiff to move.

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Ok great thanks for taking a look. I didn’t think something was right the way it moved.

So have torqued it up again. The way it is I. The pictures in my first post are correct?

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