FD-R8050 too close to frame

I am trying to install a new Ultegra 8050 di2 group on my existing bike. It’s a PF-30 frame with a DUB Quarq DZero crankset and SRAM PF30 DUB BB. For whatever reason, I can’t get the front derailleur into the right position. It is sitting far too close to the frame/inboard.

When I try to follow these instructions: GRX FD-RX815 / Ultegra FD-R8050 / DURA-ACE FD-R9150 Di2 Front Derailleur installation guide at the step of setting the front derailleur height and angle, the outer cage is above the small chainring instead of the large, so it’s ~2 cm too close to the frame. Is the derailleur just in the wrong position for initial setup? Is my crankset or BB not compatible with this group? I feel like I’m losing my mind.


So, I figured it out, and in case anyone else runs across the same problem… For initial setup, the high limit screw needs to be screwed in all the way, or at least much of the way, to move the derailleur cage out. I must have let it out somewhere along the way and that’s what caused my issue.



Thanks for that - I’ll add something on that to the page you linked (soon) :wink:

Much appreciated, Terry!

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