Shimano OT-RS900 Cable Installation


I’m installing a Shimano R7000 GS rear derailleur on my bike to work with a 34t cassette for a trip to the Alps.

I’m finding the Shimano dealer manual ambiguous in respect of installing the ot-rs900 cable.

There are two plastic end caps, one with a tongue, and an aluminium end. What goes where, aluminium into the derailleur, and tongue into the frame?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, this exactly.

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Cheers Chad.

I queried it as the Shimano manual shows a tongue at the derailleur end.

I will recheck with my Shimano tech video.

Metal in RD

Thanks. That’s interesting, it still looks like there is a tongue there in the photo where the cable exits the barrel adjuster on its way to the groove clamp.

There is a tongue, but it’s part of the barrel adjuster. There’s an end cap that comes with the cable housing which apparently is supposed to mount into the frame. On my bike that doesn’t work because there is already a plastic (clear/translucent) cable liner installed that runs through the frame. I guess I’d have to use the end cap that is on there now. It’s a bit confusing, especially if you’ve never done this before along with the dearth of instructions.

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