Question about HR, while training

Hello there guys…

Maybe some of you can help me understand my heartrate a bit more.

My background is playing soccer and basketball throughout my school years, almost - while taking a break from it all around when i hit 16-17 years, to focus more on drinking for 4 years time - and then coming back into some weighttraining when i was about 20 years old, and then starting basketball again for 4 years time, which i stopped with 4 years ago to focus more on my biking. Stopped lifting weights in 2016 too.

Anyways - I have a pretty low resting HR, which is around 35-42 - depends if i have had some hard training on the day - and my max, if im in competition or racing again friends is measured at around 194-196 HR. And in competition my avg HR can be pretty high too - like 160+ for couple of hours - however when i train hard on the trainer - where my HR should be higher, its just not. Just took Carpathian Peak+2 and throughout the intervals my HR avg was 155 interwas was over/under at 95% / 105% of FTP for 16minutes. And the interval was absolutely brutal and my legs almost couldnt keep up at the last interval, however my HR was still at like 170(when i couldnt hold it anymore, at the last couple of seconds of 3rd interval). I just think its weirds its this low? Whats your take on it? How could this be?

My older brother, just took clark (sweetspot intervals) with a much higher HR at like 175 for the 8 minutes, and hes max HR is around 198 - but hes resting hr is higher, at 48 or something.

So to summ it up - should i be able to pump more juice out of the legs, since the HR isnt near my max, or what could this be?

Last couple of years ive been going through some operations which had me laying on the couch for a months time or so - otherwise ive been using trainerroad since late 2017 - so not new to intervals - however, i allways remember me having a lower HR doing intervals - where trainingpekas estimate my threshold HR at 166 - its almost never up there at threshold work - and RAMP test i usually max out at 175-180 HR too - and i give my all, everytime.

I’m guessing your FTP is slightly too low and you can get more out. But don’t get hung up comparing HR, just focus on your own, as everyone is genetically different even your brothers :+1:
FWIW, I found a ramp test didn’t push my power up high enough to get the HR up and prefer a 20mins test which does :+1: