Question about clean mountain bike cockpit

I have a new mountain bike set up for cross country/marathon with SRAM AXS. I am trying to figure out the best way to have a clean cockpit with the suspension lockouts and dropper post remote (also AXS). I like the option of the Rockshox XLoc on the right side above the shifter/handlebar but it seems like the XLoc has been discontinued. I am also looking at the Rockshox twistloc. Seems somewhat limiting on types of grips though. Any personal thoughts, opinions, or preferences?

I don’t know the actual in’s and out’s of installing it as a non-SRAM user, but for the ultimate clean set up, check out Zirbel :ok_hand:

Zirbel looks sexy. But I told my wife I would try and keep it under $100. So once you do the “what I told my wife it cost” equation, I have about $200 to work with. Zirbel cleans it up though!


I run grip-shift on a couple bikes (don’t hate me). Am using the ESI “chunky” grips. Like them and they are easy to cut to the length needed. The SRAM grips are durable, but fairly hard on the hands. Ergon makes some twist shift specific grips as well.


I’m on an Orbea Oiz & it came with their solution called a Squidlock. it has a dropper lever & lockout levers all in one package. I’ve got mine set to lock the shock on the first release “click” & on the second release, the fork locks out. Sweet setup. Clean cock pit though? Not so much as there are 3 cables coming out of it.

You mentioned X Loc -unless your fork & shock are specifically designed for hydraulic actuation, that isn’t going to be an option for you. I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think SRAM has anything current that uses that system.