Remote Lockout with Dropper Setup

What is your favorite setup?

Currently have the new Blur with Sram twistloc. It was great for a month but now won’t remain locked out for more than a few moments before it pops back to unlocked.


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I think a Blur TR will be my next frame but that’s a year or two off. Currently on an Orbea Oiz M10 TR. it has what Orbea calls a Squidlock which controls both fork & shock lockout (well it did til I swapped dampers in my fork & still haven’t rebuilt the original) The lever has two detents or clicks. I had the first detent set to lockout the shock & the second set to control the fork. I found this set up to work phenomenally!

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I just run the dropper remote in the ideal position mimicking the shifter on the opposite side. Then have the standard fox lockout remote run inside on my bars so that it won’t interfere with the dropper remote. It just means a small reach and wrist roll to lock/unlock.

I don’t have any experience with this other than playing with it at the shop, but this is a decent looking option.


I went through 3 twist locks through warranty before SRAM said no more. Same thing you are experiencing. They said they wouldn’t warranty any longer because I am running Fox and the tension appears to be different. Went back to what was on my Top Fuel and it runs great again.

Yeah the bontrager looks like a good solution, but no luck finding it in stock.

One option I’ve seen is the wolf tooth remote bar centric combined with the standard Sram one loc. Might go this route. … Santa Cruz sent me a new twistloc so see how long that lasts me.


I’m using this on the Blur with the Fox lock (RockShox suspension) and love it. No twistloc hassles.

Quick update, went with the Wolf tooth Remote Barcentric and rockshox oneloc. The Barcentric comes with pretty crappy screws that stripped while installing, but otherwise everything works well.

One question, a little surprised at the amount of force required to activate the remote Lockout, but I guess that’s to be expected with the amount of tension from both suspension cables?


Yeah, I had the same lockout on my 2017 Top Fuel, and I felt lots of force setting the locks. Combo of cable drag and both tension, as well as what I think is too low of a pull ratio lead to a hard pull.

Makes sense. Anyone know if the Fox remote lockout is any better?

Interesting. Looks a bit larger than some others and hard to see if the levers are sitting in nice position for the thumb, but I really like this idea.

I feel like I might have asked this before, if so sorry, but I wonder if you could set that up with a 3-position system to use open and traction as the on/off?

The pull ratio might be too different between two and three position?

Setup is pretty ergonomic, lots of flexibility
to adjust. Dropped lever actuates smoothly.

For three position lockout you would need something like the orbea squidlock remote, which is designed for Fox suspension whish is push to unlock vs Sram push to lock. Not sure how nicely it would play with Sram.

Have only used the Fox version and find the pressure required reasonable.

Are you responding to me? I already have the Scott Twinloc so the Orbea Squidlock is almost identical. I was just pie in the sky dreaming about a lockout system with only the thumb paddle. I’d happily give up full lockout to do it, but I’d be nervous to spend the money and never get it working right.

Dangerholm did an incredible version but it looked like a pretty serious bit of custom work.

I have the Fox fork remote and the Fox dropper lever that look like these (dropper remote is less sleek though). THey seem to work real well. Both are easy to operate even when stressed.

After a false start with ordering an over-bar TwinLoc Remote :man_facepalming:, I’m finally going to be able to try the Wofltooth Barcentric and TwinLoc combo.

I’ve also got some push on SQLabs 711r grips which should allow me to be a bit more flexible on placement without shifting my brakes too much. That should have the added bonus of offsetting the increased in (trivial amount) weight adding the two separate remotes in place of the one TwinLoc-with-Remote.

Pictures to come.
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Apologies if this comes across as facetious but I absolutely love Fox Live Valve on my new bike so there are no lockouts to worry about and the handlebar setup stays nice and clean!

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I do really want to try it. Is your bike a new Giant? Or Pivot? (I’d like to try the new Anthem with LiveValve, just to see)

After a test ride I was totally sold on it, so I’ve bought a Pivot Mach4SL. Just waiting for it to come back from Invisiframe before I can rebuild it!

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Bontrager Drop Lock. I tried the Twist Loc and hated it. Would highly recommend the Drop Loc