Quarq compatability HELP

Hello Trainer Roadies, My Quarq elsa passed away about a week ago and I’m ready to move on and get on with my life! So my question is: If i bought a new Quarq Dzero spider would it just fit straight onto my old Quarq crank arms? I assume it would but cant find a concrete answer anywhere and its all a bit confusing as everywhere just seems to talk about the new dub bottom bracket

Nope! Elsa is GXP and new ones are DUB.

I emailed Quarq about the same thing since I have one GXP Quarq and two DUB.

Apparently there are differences that makes arms and spider incompatible when it comes to mixing GXP and DUB spiders/arms.

oh really? what a bunch of bastards! i only just found about this dub bb and now its gonna end up costing me alot more. makes no sense to me! surely they would want their previous power meter customers be able to upgrade to a new spider and keep all their old crank arms etc?

Yeah that is what I thought as well, because in my case I wanted to get shorter cranks, but they only sold the new DUB and I needed the GXP one. Emailed them and apparently there was a difference in BB width or something like that.

Originally they did the Dzero in GXP (I have one) but for whatever reason they transitioned away from that and I don’t think you can get them anymore