Quarq Elsa sync

Hi, TR app doesn’t see my Quarq elsa. Wahoo Elemnt does. New battery. Advice?

That power meter is ANT+ only for data broadcast, right?

Does the device you use for the TR app offer ANT+?

@mcneese.chad is correct! Quarq Elsa power meter’s are only ANT+ compatible.

Looks like you’re on an iPhone, but have managed to pair you Stages power meter instead of the Quarq Elsa.

To be able to pair via ANT+ using an iPhone you will need a Wahoo ANT+ key and an Apple 30-Pin to Lightning adapter. However, Apple stopped making these adapters so your best bet is to find them in eBay.

Another option would be to use a laptop and get a USB stick to connect via ANT+.

More info on ANT+ Connectivity here: ANT+ Connectivity


thanks so much!