Quadratus lomborum

Hey all! I’ve been noticing some ql tightness and pain recently after rides. Mostly on my left side and also tight it band. I work really hard on my mobility. I stretch, focus on strengthening my hips (abduction, hip cars etc) foam rolling. Does anyone have an idea of what could help with this issue? My left leg seems to be affected with the pedal stroke fluidity. Yes, I’ve had a professional fit :slight_smile: it snuck up on me about a week ago my pedal stroke felt disconnected on my left side.
Any advice would be awesome

I think my tight IT band was caused by a marginal leg length discrepancy :thinking:

There is a lot going on in that area and you may want to see a PT or a chiropractor. You are having problems above and below your hips so one possibility is a rotated pelvis. One method to check is to stand in front of the mirror with your fingers on your ASIS (pointy hip bone). If one finger is higher than the other something is possibly going on in your pelvis. There are lots of methods for resetting your pelvis but a few that have been effective for me are below.

(106) Pelvis RESET Naturally! 3 BEST Exercises Rid Low Back, SI Joint, & Groin Pain! | Dr Wil & Dr K - YouTube
(106) How to Safely Pop Your Pelvis for INSTANT RELIEF - YouTube

Thank you so much for providing the links to these videos. Especially the one with the ball has really helped. I really appreciate it

Rolling out my IT band seems to help a little. I don’t have a leg length discrepancy. I will have to keep up on the rolling

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Glad you found some relief. If those are working for you there are similar exercises out there if you do a search. You can look for pelvis reset, si joint release, and similar search terms to find reset and strengthening exercises that work for you.

Also, it is a complicated area so if you are having recurring problems seeing a professional may be a good idea.