Tight hip flexors or different leg length

I’ve been cycling indoor for a couple of months and i’ve got a hard time finding the correct cleat position.
As of now it feels somewhat good, i’m overreaching with my left leg as well as shifting further forward with my left side on the saddle making the pressure uneven on the lower region.

On top of this i automatically rest my left hand further back than my right hand when “on the hoods”.

I’m aware that it only takes one thing to make everything else fail and bikefit is unfortunately not an option at the moment…

Best regards Acke

Could try lowering your saddle.

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Done some digging around and found an interesting blog regarding pelvic asymmetry.
There they talk about lowering the saddle as well as start stretching which i will do.

Here is the blog, I can see myself in some of the comments…
" https://tinyurl.com/nlkxo8w "

It is important that you have a level pelvis when sitting on your bicycle. You need to get your leg lengths measured by a competent person. Uncorrected
leg lengths are a common issue seen in bicyclists. Without a level pelvis, makes it difficult to pedal efficiently with both legs .