Quad Lock and competitors

So Quad Lock is clearly the biggest name out there - are they really a cut above the rest or should I also be taking a look at competitors like Mous and others? I have and like the basic mount but I’m specifically interested in how their Mag-Safe charging interface works in terms of car mounts, integrating with Apple and other non-quad-lock MagSafe accessories and chargers, etc.
Is it a pain to use a Quad Lock Mag case with normal Apple accessories?

More info that you probably don’t need to read but I needed to write in order to form the question above:

I’m not normally a phone on the bike person but I recently got a (non-mag) Quad Lock setup for an ultra-endurance race and am really happy with it. Secure enough to confidently ride a rigid gravel bike on rocky MTB trails etc. and the case doesn’t feel obtrusively bulky or anything. I zip-tied the stem mount to my SPOT tracker & that was solid. Now that’s done I’m also finding it handy to stick it on the stem using the elastic bands for endurance rides and recovery weeks on the indoor trainer - not to run the TR app on it but so I can do emails and such. The elastic band install is important because I don’t really want that blue chimney stuck on my bike every time I go outside - normally all I want to see is my Wahoo.

But with yesterday’s iPhone 15 release I think it’s finally time for me to upgrade my pre-mag 11 pro, which means wireless charging magnetic mounts are now an option for the car. Obviously in a car you don’t really need the security of Quad Lock so I could just run with a basic MagSafe mount from any brand. Probably the same deal for the indoor trainer too. But if the mag version of the Quad Lock setup works well enough with all the more basic Apple/Belkin/etc MagSafe accessories then I might as well stick with QL so I’ve got the option to use it in anger on the bike if I want to.

I have been a no case person for a long time and the quad lock mag case got me to start using a case. Having the secure mount for the bike is great and the mag mount for the car is fantastic.

The apple MagSafe battery packs don’t seem to work with it but wireless charging does, so I imagine it’s just a little slower but the batteries not working is a bit annoying.

I am likely upgrading from my 12 max to a 15 max and will get another mag quad lock case

Hope that’s useful

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Highly recommend taking a look at Peak Design mounts & cases, basically their own ecosystem. While it may seem pricey at first since you need both a case and basic mount, the reliability, value and durability across MTB, road, car and motorcycle works seamlessly. On the MTB (XC) and gravel rides, the mount and case works fantastic and able to rotate the view. What’s nice about the system is its not just for iPhones, but works across Android devices too!

And yes, I do have the mounts for all my modes of transport using 1 case without having to swap is fantastic. Adding either a wallet or tripod are the small details and refinements that Peak Design is known for and well thought out. That includes MagSafe charging without having to swap another case when you’re not riding.