QR conversion in the future

I have the opportunity to get a new frame on the cheap and I’m all but committed to doing it, but one thing keeps coming back to me. It’s a QR frame. It looks like a lot of new wheels these days are thru axel, but some can be converted to QR.

What are the odds I can still find good QR (at least convertible) wheels five years from now?

I know no one can see the future, but how is everyone guessing this plays out? I’m hoping it’s like the bottom bracket situation where they all stick around rather than obsoleting one type.

QRs have been around since the 1927, they’ll last another 5 years.


I know they have history. I just wonder if wheel makers are going to abandon ship. Lord knows it’s getting tough to find a frame that isn’t thru axel.

Wouldn’t think so, there are way too many qr frames around. Also conversion is just swapping endcaps, no need to give up on that.

Most of the drive behind Thru Axle is for disk brake bikes. I know there’s a big push over to disk brakes but as long as manufacturers are still producing rim brake bikes there’ll be QR compatible wheels. Even after that there will still be a large group of owners with rim brake bikes that’ll need to be catered for. I’d think it would be a good bit longer than 5 years before QR is abandoned.

Isn’t it dependent on hubs? Maybe I’m mistaken there, but I thought your wheels had to have the ability to convert.

Ah, but what of disc break QR? That’s what this frame is built for.

Yes. But if the hub has replacable end caps, its easy for manufacturers to offer qr end caps too.

I think that there has been a move away from that. The braking and turning forces were causing trouble with the front wheels on disk brake bikes, popping spokes etc. My 2018 CAAD12 is TA on the front and QR on the back, only braking forces to deal with there.

Perhaps pedantically, but apropos, there isn’t really such a thing as “disc brake QR.”
If the frameset accepts a 9mm front axle and 10mm rear axle, it could be built for disc brakes, caliper rim brakes, cantilever or linear pull rim brakes, drum brakes, coaster brakes, u-brakes…
The supply of hubs available to fit disc rotors onto and slide into that frame and fork will take decades to exhaust.
If you’re asking about how long will “cutting edge” pre-built wheel systems be available to fit into this “non-cutting edge” bargain frameset, then you’re almost answering your own question.
Everyone will know you’re on a “vintage-style” frameset. :slight_smile:
If that doesn’t matter to you, then perhaps you’re a good buyer for it.
If it does matter to you…perhaps the low price simply reflects its surprisingly low value.
Chances are higher, if it’s a 9mm/10mm road disc frameset, that it comes with a caliper mount style more in danger of being obsoleted than the axle fitment diameter.

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