Punctured in lap 3 of 6 of a CX race. What would you do?

This is in the lower categories so the total race time is around 30min and I had no backup bike in the pit. I decided to just keep running (with my bike of course) because I hate DNFing, and I figured I could at least get a workout and maybe 1 or 2 points. I finished -1 lap down, so I ended up running 2 laps. Is that weird? What would you have done?

Interested in hearing your CX puncture/mechanical stories!

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Neutral support have loaner bikes? If not, then run your face off! Finish a cx race at all costs.
borrow a bike if you have to!


Yeah, that’s exactly what I would have done.

Basically, I look at it like this: I took the time to pack up and drive to a cross race with the intent of getting both a good race and a killer workout. If I have a mechanical, I’m only going to let that ruin the race part of the plan, not the workout.

This past weekend I double flatted on the first lap. Had to run half a lap to the pits and change wheels. I was WAY behind after that, no way I was ever going to catch up. So I just hammered for the rest of the race, ended up with NP=300 for the final 36 minutes, which is pretty sweet for me considering my FTP is only 296!! If I had just quit then, then the whole day would have been a waste. As it was I got a great workout that will hopefully help next weekend!


I’d crack a beer open, day done

Normally I agree with “finish no matter what,” but running half a race in shoes that do not flex whatsoever sounds like a recipe for injury, no thanks.


Maybe run but watch the timing / be aware of the race leader, the last thing you want is to run across the finish line for your last lap just as the race leader enters the finish straight. That’s a long lonely run to the end in that case!


At my races, neutral support consists of a pump sitting in the pit. :laughing: Your comment reminds me that I should try to find a friend in a different category and set up a bike borrowing agreement.

Good point. The race in question was all grass and loose dirt, so I didn’t really notice any discomfort running in my Shimano XC9 which are indeed completely stiff. On the other hand, if there were any significant amount of asphalt on the course discomfort would have increased dramatically. Then there is the question of what if I had punctured on the first lap?! Finish the lap and then camp out on the finish line, waiting for the race leader? :laughing:

Very good point. Fortunately, while running I was able to hear the race announcer the whole time, so I knew exactly when the race leader crossed the finish line. When I finally heard the announcement (about 1/3 way around the course at the time) the relief was immense.

I happen to have spare wheels in the pit, so I’d run to the pit and hope it is not far.
When I’ve not had wheels, I have put in a tube (left a seat bag in the pit) and gone on.

On a real muddy day where my derailleur, hanger, and chain were all ripped off; I ran a lap and a half. More like tried to run; super muddy. Did get a few beer handups doing that.


Crack a beer and watch the race.


Ironically, it turns out those are both things you can do while running the course. I recall cheering on a friend as he passed me. Haha.