I raced cyclocross today

And it was brilliant!
Had a race long battle with one guy and we were too evenly matched to get separation. We were equally good on the corners (62 per lap!) and with a stiff headwind down the start/finish straight, getting away here was not going to be easy.
However, realising I was out of alternative options, my last card to play was ‘who can suffer most’? So on the penultimate lap I took the front and attacked hard into the headwind. Got a gap but he closed it by the end of the straight so on the bell lap I did it again. Out the saddle sprint into head down high cadence max effort. It worked, I’d snapped the elastic. Just had to manage the remaining corners whilst seeing stars.
It’s such a game, played in a hypoxic state. Trying to asses your opponent whilst not making your own mistakes. So cool to finally be racing again.


I’m jealous.

Same. I was supposed to race yesterday, but we were put under lockdown again.