Cyclocross Tire Repair during race

Does anyone carry a CO2 and/or a tire dart such as the dynaplug while racing cross?

I got a snake bite on one side of the tire last weekend while crossing a sidewalk and it ended my race because I dont have spare wheels. This happened on the first lap and I had driven quite a long way for the race. Later I pumped the tire again and swished some sealant around and got it to seal. I feel like If I had hit it with some CO2 on course I could have kept going. Thoughts?

PS-Are you allowed to do this anywhere on course or would you have to make it to the pits to render aid to yourself?

I don’t have a spare set of wheels yet (will for Canada nationals!). As I run clinchers+latex, I don’t carry a repair kit - if I flat early race is over. If I flat late, I will run it out (had to ride flat/run for the last few hundred meters in a race before).

I don’t know about your races, but ours only allows mechanical work in pits and you are not allowed to backtrack to enter pits. If I ran tubeless, I would consider leaving a floor pump/co2 + plugs in the pit. Die before DNF! If you have a friend racing same day but different time they could be in the pit with their bike to lend you.

Gotta do it in the pits from my understanding. Honestly, go buy the cheapest wheelset you can and put it in the pits. It’s essential to have back up gear w cross especially to avoid wasting your time getting there. Imagine getting that flat in the first lap?

I don’t think OP does need to imagine.

Lol yes I missed that. Well OP, less learned. Go buy that wheelset!

Pretty sure you can fix your own bike with the stuff you have with you anywhere on the course. You can only get assistance in the pits. For example, if you drop your chain, you don’t have to go to the pits to put it back on.

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Locally any mechanical work (fixing a dropped chain isn’t classified as mechanical work) must be done in the pits. Your local rules may vary.

On the same topic - I’m preparing for nationals and will be buying a new set of wheels exactly for this reason. I’m flying across the country and don’t want my race to be over before it even began! What’s proven to be a massive challenge is finding thru-axles with handles (i.e. DT Swiss) for my 2019 Specialized CruX! Figuring out the right axle, whether the standard DT Swiss one is compatible and finding it in stock has proven to be impossible for me :frowning:

Great advice so far. I’ve got a second set of wheels but the internals are super wide (24mm hooked rim internal). I use them for gravel tires. I hear that 33’s would be too small for these. Ive got some file tread 35’s Groad tires on there now, could I put those in the pits? Im only racing cat 3 and 4, so no $$ on the line. Thoughts? Ive got extra CX tire I could put on there instead of my Groad tires on there now.

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I’d say go for it, better than DNFing the race. Do they check tire widths at the race?

Few races would care if you’re tire is slightly too big outside of UCI heats. UCI will check it, but you’ve got some upgrade points to go before that’s relevant. I just noticed your name - should change it to ‘(Only) TwoWheels’.

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So what about putting a rolled tub back on? Would that be ok? Then why would you class using a tyre plug as mechanical work?

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I would check the rules with your local race organizer. What I say has absolutely no bearing on anything.

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Rules? All our local cross races dont have rules. HAHA!

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I have not read the specific rule set in question, but I imagine the line would be drawn at the use of tools. Putting a dropped chain or rolled tub back on doesn’t require tools or new materials so I’d think it is allowed anywhere as long as you do not accept assistance. Same goes for straightening handlebars or shifters after a crash.

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No one cares. Toss those file treads on and have yourself a solid pair of pit wheels!

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Thats the vibe i’m getting. At the race where I DNF’d there were many spectators around the start-finish and I got a pump from someone on the sidelines and the officials (actually USA Cycling officials) said I could only do that in the pit and I told them Id take a DNF and keep racing if the tire held.

My next race is also registered through BikeReg, which is a USA Cycling thing if Im not mistaken, so Im trying to figure out if perhaps their rules will also apply? In addition to that, where the heck are the USA Cycling cyclocross rules?!

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OK, finally found some rules for the series, looks like my 35c gravel tires will be fine for the pit wheels. I going to carry a CO2 and injector as well as a dynaplug racer in my pocket.

Hope everyone has a great weekend of racing! Anyone going to Beer Cross in Johnson City this weekend? I’ll be there!

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In CO, all of our cx races are USAC. The way of the land out here. I don’t think the officials even care if someone is winning on a hardtail or has large tires. They’re not out there inspecting bikes, tire widths, etc. I think the last winner of SS open last two weeks has been on hardtails. Hell, I have my full squish as a pit bike.

Cyclocross is dying out here and in the west in general, so any sort of participation with any bike/wheels is encouraged. There are just too many other things to do out here besides cx in the fall - it’s the perfect time for mtb, hiking, etc. Mountains are just outside Denver.

Also, good luck this weekend! I hope you don’t need the pit wheels :grinning: