Pump Heads, can they be good?


I just bought myself a new floor pump with a dual sided press-on pump head. The pump is fine, the pump head is horrible.

So, can you recommend me a good pump head? Silca Hiro seems like the gold standard, but if there is a cheaper option that works well I’m all in.

Whatever comes on this is good.

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I’ll second this…pump has worked very well for me and it’s harder to lose in my garage because of the neon yellow color!

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I actually tried to write a review on it just now but they won’t accept it because of some glitch on their website at the moment. Shame! It was a good review :wink:

I got a flat one day, 20 miles from home. A cyclist came out of his house in the midst of my roadside tube replacement. He was carrying this pump. I thought “ah cool a pump.” I didn’t know the experience I was about to have would change my cycling life.

From the moment I pumped the first 10 psi of air into my new tube, I was in love. Most enjoyable bike pumping experience I’d ever had. I asked him where he got it. He said he worked at a shop. I took pictures of the pump and purchased it the second I got home. I’d have paid double what specialized wanted for it. When you know, you know.

It was one of those moments where you think to yourself: “heck yeah I’ll pay full retail price, you guys earned this one.”

Been using it almost every day (my wife rides latex tubes and rides a lot!) for the last 5 years and it’s been just as enjoyable and easy to use since day 1. No maintenance. Excellent gauge reliability and accuracy. Easy pump head on and off. Pump head stays on nicely. Super stable footer. Strong construction. Ergonomic grip. Easy one-handed pumping. Long hose. Bright color handy when buried in gear. Multiple hose clip locations for easy portability. Readable dial. Replaceable parts. You name it.

Best of all, pumping is easy and smooth!

The pump head is at least as good as my silca pump head.

The only reason I still own the silca pump heads is that they’re the only thing that fits into our disc wheel’s valve cutout while staying hands-free. But I use this pump and pump head for all other use cases on our fleet of bikes. When this pump dies, if I’m not dead first, I’ll be purchasing the same pump again, or maybe the Specialized Air Tool Comp Floor Pump. I won’t even look at anything else.

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I put a Hirame pump head on my 40 year old Silca track pump. It’s hands-down, one of those cycling accessories that I had been looking for my whole life but didn’t know it existed until I found it.

Silca makes a version of this head for their newer pumps called a Hiro.

I put on something similar on to my old pump when I was looking for a disc wheel valve adapter. It was a little too big though.

Truflo Track mate high pressure track pump head (bikeparts.co.uk)

Lezyne pumps use a head that screws on. Its not as quick, but very secure and doesn’t leak. I prefer this over heads that hold by compression

I like the normal press fit Silca chuck for $35.

My Silca stuff is all pre-Josh, but he sells the gaskets for the old chucks and the leather washers for the old pumps to keep everything running for decades. Which is very cool of him.

I’d buy the Hiro for something a bit fancier.

Does anyone know a way for me to use the screw on lezyne type head on a presta valve with the valve core removed? I use a high volume Lezyne pump and since it screws on to the threads contained on the valve core and not the stem body itself I have to use a degutted valve core to seat tubeless tires as the fully intact valve core limits my ability to seat a tire due to flow restriction through the valve… having no valve core present when seating a tire would make things easier.

I still have a Silca pump from the 1980s, it was used on a mountain bike. 6 years ago I got back into biking and bought this:

I’ve tried a bunch of different pumps in bike shops and at ride starts. Only like using Silca pump heads.

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No great ideas, but know exactly what you mean. I always take the entire core out and hit the tire with a blast of air from a compressor. The cheap Prestaflate and a small pancake compressor makes short work of seating tires.

I once re-seated a car tire with the Specialized pump. But I’ve found the head tends to wear pretty quickly so you need to replace the rubber seal ($5 plus 1 million dollars shipping and oh there’s a minimum order… though it looks like Performance has them now so maybe it’s not so bad)